Blog update #2 – Realtime animation – 01/09/19

Personal animation I worked on between projects with 2 of my own created characters and a more cartoonish style of movement.
Displayed in sketchfab which I used once before and is a neat way to showcase your models and animations in realtime.

Maya viewport with animation rig controls

Blog update #1 – Shot setup – 20/12/18

Animation exercise in creating a small animation based on a piece of music. I really like this part of the song by the talented and inspirational artist Pilotpriest and based the sequence around this section. All the shots I think I need are now in place and the next step would be to continue working on some missing details and spline more of the animation. Awesome body mechanics rigs by Joe Daniels.

One of the run cycles used for the main protagonist. I enjoy working on these kind of cycles, also to quickly test new characters and getting familiar with the animation rig controls.